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Lorry/ Van Hire

Im looking to hire a Luton Van sized vehicle (self drive) next Friday as Im moving house. Does anyone know or can recommend anyone in the Blackheath/Charlton area or at least pretty nearby? thanks


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    When I saw the title of this thread I thought we'd signed a new player...
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    mottingham station theres a rent a wreck, not sure name or number tho, used em once or twice
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    All sorted. Thanks all
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    Tip for costs a little bit more but try to get one with a tail lift, can come in very very useful!
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    My son moved house yesterday and used that firm that you see about with HIRE THIS VAN FOR £29 A DAY, written on the side, the vans a pile of sh*te but do the job, they are on the spine road at Erith behind B & Q. Hope thats of help.
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    My brother is looking to move this weekend,doesn't drive so can anyone recommend a company that can supply van and driver with mate if poss to move fom Hornsey to Lee.

    Probably do the move in one go,not too much involved.

    Please let me know if anything comes to mind?
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    Hi all

    Blackheath addick, can you remember the name of the company that you used? If not, does anyone know any other company that hires Luton vans?

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