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two point five million pound question

edited July 2008 in General Charlton
Who you would you prefer we sold for £2.5M ?

m) Bougherra

z) Zhi


  • faye and Thomas £250 will do
  • Got a feeling they may both go but I would prefer Bougy to go
  • oddly enough Id prefer to see ZZ go, albeit I like him as a player. We are woefully short of CB cover and we seem to have a lot of MF options, albeit we lack a cutting edge player
  • to be honest, i think i could handle either going.

    If both went though, i'd be wanting some decent replacements to be honest.
  • I'd like to see Bougy go and Shittu come in
  • I think someone mentioned here that China have fallen outside the top 75 in FIFA rankings. so ZZ wouldn't get a permit for another club. We could only flog him abroad. I hope we keep both and flog Thomas or Gray or Holland.
  • [cite]Posted By: Brunello[/cite]I'd like to see Bougy go and Shittu come in

    I think everyone would accept that, and be happy with it.

    But would there really be any form of net saving once fees and wages were compared ?
  • Probably be more expensive with Shittu in all honesty....wouldnt it be nice to get a CB who scored reasonably regularly though?
  • I would rather we kept Bougy. We need a solid defence - an inferior recruit in defence could cost us dearly. If we have to make do, a headless chicken in midfield may have to suffice.
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  • As said elsewhere, hopefully a combination of Racon and Shelvey would suffice......Im just glad Ambrose and Holland are injured at the moment so that these boys get a chance
  • (z) for me

    I desperately want us to keep the magic one.

    I like ZZ but I think Ambrose is better, and with the younger players coming through I have no problems letting ZZ go.
  • Sell Bougy keep ZZ.
  • Loose Bougy keep zz
  • I like Bougherra but i'd prefer to keep Zheng i think.
  • Sell neither but I am just being difficult. All this horse trading changing players worked so badly last year it was untrue, settled side is the key :-)
  • Boughherra

    a) I dont rate him, not sure why he is so loved, our centre defence were rubbish last season
    b) Zheng is good and can play in various positions, including probably Centre Back
    c) Having the Chinese captain must have some commercial spin offs, not least a few extra punters through the gate.
    d The DVD song.
  • I'd like to see us get Elliot Ward from Coventry as replacement.
  • Bougherra is not a great defender and I don't see why people rate him so highly.

    Saying that ZZ didn't do it for much of last year either but is being over played.

    Get rid of em both!
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  • ZZ, excellent player on his day but doesn't play enough games for us due to internationals. When he is with us he's either knackered of injured.
  • keep zz.
    boogie is probably our best chance of getting decent money, but imo is overrated by quite a few people.
    i see bougie a very similar player to elkak, both try to be a bit too clever in dangerous positions. when elkak done it and got caught out he got slated by a fair few people. bougie gets away with it because of the lesser opposition.
    imo take the money and get sodje. that'll plug £1.5- £2m of the £5m.
  • I'd prefer to see ZZ go. But as Magic could raise £2.5m that we need to bring in a few players, I'm not too bothered either way. I can't see ZZ going this transfer window because he'll be away for a few weeks.
  • I think I'd cope with either going - probably rather keep Bougy because he is younger and has a greater potential. As for those who don't rate him, well he does make mistakes as a defender but I see him as a Rio Ferdinand type defender with great natural ability just inclined on occasions to be lazy/over confident. With a run in the team and greater responsibility will make him a real force. Shame it now appears he is going.
  • I'd rather see ZZ go. The fact that he is out of contract in the summer being the main reason why - asset management is pretty important when you're a brassic football club.

    Despite signing for us last summer (surprisingly to some), there was plenty of noise about him wanting to play in the Premier League, and I can't see him committing to a Championship club this time around.

    If we don't go up I fear we'll lose him for nothing, and that can't happen.
  • Very astute post PP. And 100% correct i believe.
  • You've a point here about ZZ. Paddy.

    Only being given a 2 year contract when everybody else invariably gets 3 years, suggests to me that was wrapped around the parachute payments guarantee - and accordinly, his wages might be higher than most.
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