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Apologies if this has been previously discussed. I'm getting old and my memory's not what it was.

How is it that he is earning so much money?

I thought the African players earned lower wages than European players, partly because they disappear every other year for 6 weeks or so to the African Nations Cup.

I cannot understand how the wages of one player appear to have undermined the very financial foundations of the Club.

I know Dowie got him in but either Richard Murray or Andrew Mills must have agreed his wages.


  • I dont think its undermined the financial foundations. It appears no secret that the club have a much lower squad wage budget this year so one player on Premiership wages (lets guess at 20k pw) is most probably three playes at Championship level. I think that is the problem.
  • I thought it was pretty standard for contracts to contain a relegation clause.

    Why didn't Fayes's?
  • I dont know although I dont think it is standard.
  • [cite]Posted By: LenGlover[/cite]I thought it was pretty standard for contracts to contain a relegation clause.

    Why didn't Fayes's?

    I remember being at a meeting in the last year or two where this question arose. The answer was that initially this was the case but once we started signing 'established' PL players they would not sign with such a clause included. Faye comes into this category hence no clause and no drop in wages.
  • Thomas was apparently on a more enlightened contract, Faye and Fortune not unfortunately, this is because we signed Thomas as 'failure' of Arsenals youth system rather than an established player
  • Lets just face it, multiple people made a ricket on this one.

    Its hurting us yes, but hopefully it won't cripple us like the Carbone and Collymore deals did to Bradford
  • ... you had to bring that up didn't you....

    There were of other things wrong with Bradford that Charlton do not suffer from at all (crooked chaIrman being number one).
  • Pity Stoke bought the Nigerian lad from Wolves. They could have had Faye.
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