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Championship wage bills

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Saw this in another forum regarding the Cardiff AGM:


In answer to a question about the size of the club’s current players wage bill, Ridsdale stated there are ten to twelve teams in this division whose wage bills are in excess of £12 million pa, six to eight whose wage bills are between £7 million and £12 million and the rest whose wage bills are less than £7 million. He said City are in the second bracket with a players wage bill of approximately £8 million pa at this current point in time.


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    An interesting point from Ridsdale but how would he be privvy to such sensitive information.

    I would guess that clubs relegated would/might still be paying premier league wages,some clubs previously relegated might also be paying higher than expected wages and would be in the higher end.

    Watford,palace and ourselves have been trimming the wage bill, wonder what the newly promoted teams are stumping up wages wise.
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    According to Martin Simmons we were around £11 m, but that was before Bent went
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