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Reading 23 Aug - is it on TV?

I thought this was Sky game, but not shown in my Sky mag. Just checked the fixtures on official site and it shows it as 12.45 kick off but no TV logo. Can anyone shed any light?


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    definately live. Do any other networks have CocaCola rights this season ? ITV or Setanta perhaps ?
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    does seem like sky have a different game on at that time. I am sure i sure its arsenal
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    [cite]Posted By: LargeAddick[/cite]just for you Weegie

    Thanks, Large. I know it was announced, but now I'm wondering as it is not in the Sky mag and even on the official site on the fixtures page the TV column is blank. (Would put in a link but not very good at that!) Last year the Sky logo appeared in the right hand column if on TV, and this column is still there but nothing in it...
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    Setanta has Arsenal v Fulham on that day at 5.30.

    Reading game is on Sky, they are just very poor at updating their programming on the web site etc.
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