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Saturday's Game

Does anyone know if you will be able to buy tickets on the door?


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    That's what I'll be doing
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    and me

    If you cant then i think the pubs will be very full in the area
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    Both Charlton Lane and Charlton Church Lane have road works and temp traffic lights although the water works in Floyd Rd are meant to be finished by Saturday.

    Should be fun getting the Bilbao coach into the ground.
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    Does anyone know if it will be pay at the turnstiles? Or, queue up at the ticket office, first?

    Wasn't there a problem a couple of years ago (New Zealand game?) where the ticket machines wouldn't print, so we had to pay at the turnstiles, but they weren't set up, for it?
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    I suspect the Anti could be Full (Of Charlton) Saturday :-)
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