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JFH in dispute with Cardiff CIty

From the BBC

Ridsdale's warning to Hasselbaink

Peter Ridsdale insists Dutch striker Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink will not return to Cardiff City.

Hasselbaink and Cardiff will meet at the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) on Wednesday in a bid to end their dispute.

The FA Cup finalists released Hasselbaink after last season but he claims his initial deal with Cardiff entitled him to a one-year extension.

But chairman Ridsdale said: "There's no way of him coming back to Cardiff."

Dutch goal-king Hasselbaink helped the Championship club to last season's FA Cup final and claimed after their 1-0 defeat to Portsmouth at Wembley: "I'm going to play another year, yes."

The 36-year-old, who scored nine goals in 44 games for Cardiff last term, reckons he is entitled to a new deal after playing a certain amount of games for the Bluebirds last season.

But the Ninian Park club say the clause in his contract was waived verbally.

Hasselbaink, who was turned away from Cardiff's pre-season training, called in the PFA and he will meet with Bluebirds chairman Ridsdale at the PFA headquarters in Manchester on Wednesday.

PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor will aim to broker a deal to prevent the case ending up in court.

Ridsdale told the Daily Express: "Jimmy argues that he has another year on his contract but we know that is not true.

"When someone tells you their word is their bond, then you do like to think that would be enough."

But PFA chief Taylor said a few weeks ago: "When there is a dispute, you refer to what is down on paper in the contract.

"We are looking to resolve the situation around the table without having to resort to a process of law either in football or in the courts."

That Peter Risdale! What a scamp. "he waived the contract verbally". Could we do the same with Faye?


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    Goal king? I suppose they still talk of his lethal prowess in a Charlton shirt in Chesterfield if that's what quantifies such a definition.
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    he was hot that night.........sadly the only time he managed to look anything like the JFH we thought we were getting.
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    Remember folks, a verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on.
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    and Risdale calls himself a businessman ? What a joke. Cardiff havn't got a leg to stand on and it's gonna cost them bigtime.
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    [cite]Posted By: Big William[/cite]Remember folks, a verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

    Lol ........I think that's exactly what Risdale was trying to say .........
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