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Bent nets another three!

edited July 2008 in General Charlton
Darren Bent scored another three goals tonight againt Leyton O. Thats seven in two games.

It looks like that he might just get the chance to show everybody what we already know.

Good luck to a top bloke.


  • Took the word out of my mouth Kev - top bloke indeed.
  • good on him
  • absolutely- just wish it was a different team.....

    Cue all the spudz fans who were slating him after a few matches to be claiming they knew he would come good....
  • Its 8 goals in 3 games actually, do keep up :oP
  • you know what Stanmore got loads of them crowns here at work.

    I've stood my ground all along and told them Benty will do it. Had a few of 'em now saying what you said. Mugs the lot of 'em
  • Exactly the same story here at work. I've defended Baby Bent everytime they have moaned about him. Going on about his running being one dimensional constantly and lack of movement! Most of em have not been to a game in years if at all. Makes my blood boil.

    Other than not recognising what a great player they have on their hands. What is it about Spurs and their fan's that makes you dislike em so much? I've never been able to say exactly why but know I'm not alone in this.
  • Oi, dont paint us all with the same brush, thank you.
    You lot are far too quick to judge us Spurs supporters. I admit there are a fair few that are tw*ts but that doesnt go for all of us.
    A few of us including me (ok not many of us granted) have defended young Darren to the hilt.

    As I said on many occasions before, get the system right and he will flourish. Without any flair from midfield last year, we struggled without Berbatov and Keane. Now the deadwood has been shipped out and we've brought in Modric, Dos Santos and Bentley (with maybe a few more to come), any centre forward should be able to score goals with the service coming from midfield. I seriously believe that he'll get 20+ goals this season. I've got £10 on him at 50/1 that he will finish top scorer in the Prem.
  • A good bet too......Good Luck to Darren, a real Gent in todays world of Prima donnas
  • Make that 9 in 4 lol
  • I made it 11 in 6!!
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