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Michael Schumacher in bizarre Kentish accident!!

edited July 2008 in General Charlton
A car dealer in Lydd was locking up his premisses on Sunday evening when the security barrier he was lowering was struck by a white Fiat Van....this sent the guy spinning in the air...though evidently he wasn't badly hurt.
Having got back on his feet, dusted himself down and collected his thoughts he was absolutely stunned to discover that the driver of the van was none other than Michael Schumacher...the police were called and they exchanged details(and how amazed they must have been too!), though it's thought that no further police action seems likely.
Bizzare is the word here is it not!!

A....what was Michael Schumacher doing in Lydd on a hot July Sunday afternoon?

B....what was he doing driving a white Fiat Van in deepest Kent?

And did he manage to collide with a security barrier?

As for the car dealer......What a story to tell your grandchildren and guys down the pub!!


  • I had an idea that he may have been in Lydd regarding private air travel....after all why would anyone else be there!
    Still doesn't answer why he was driving himself in a white Fiat van and how he managed to do what he did on a car sales forecourt....very odd indeed.
  • CAFC new owner ? He likes the footy.
  • what I want to know is what has that got to do with GENERAL CHARLTON.

    AFKA's raging already WSS finger is on the "sink" button I can see it now
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