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Thought we had a tie up with Nancy.

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They have a young left back who's been attracting some interest amongst English appears West Ham look the favourites...where's our 'special' deal with Nancy then?


  • Don't think we have one, they have taken some of our costa rican players to get EU permits but I do not think that there is a player availability agreement
  • I think it's more the case that the youngsters we source from the Ivory Coast are farmed out to the likes of Nancy to get their EU passport quicker. Don't think there is a player exchange type deal.
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    Yeah...I suppose so, but it's fooking sad when you think a season or two back we'd have been well in the frame for the fella.....I knew relegation was going to be tough to take guys, but this really is becoming more and more painful by the hour as we see players who would really suit as at the present time making tracks elsewhere!
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    "overseas tie-ups" = nice little jolly
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