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The Official, who's got all optimistic and is now going Watford. n/t

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  • Brought my ticket this morning
  • got mine before the game
  • Yep.

    Local and reasonably priced. If you are undecided, you really need to edge yourself into the 'yes' group.
  • Totally - they are probably in even more bother than we are and are due a win there - and it is reasonably priced in terms of both ticket and travel just like AFKA says. You know it makes sense!
  • getting mine (+ 4 others) tomorrow.
  • find out how many have been sold
  • you might need your valley gold card pbs
  • Got mine before the game.
  • Not me, just bought an old house and complete this Thursday, so shall have to give it a miss :-(
  • Was going anyway but now more optimistic about getting a result! Also, top marks for Watford offering an under 25 student's ticket. Very helpful indeed!
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  • " Also, top marks for Watford offering an under 25 student's ticket. Very helpful indeed! "

    Good tip Olly.. ;-)

    Can't seem to get these online-presumably it's a phone the box office job?
  • What do you reckon on Oohaah actually going to an away game?
  • There is 3 of us going, does anyone know how many tickets have been sold?
  • Got mine the day they went on sale. Does anyone have a recommendation on where to park?
  • Best places to park would be the town centre multi storeys, or if you arrive early enough you could try the general hospital in willow lane round the back,or try south of the ground.

    Will take a while to get away after due to heavy traffic and congestion on the one way system, best get a map and find an alternative route on the way out to avoid all the CAFC COACHES as well.
  • I'm off for a slog in the mud at V instead....
  • bit of a mission even from clapham but will be there if theres still tickets
  • Clapham Junction to Willesden Junction, change and straight through to Watford.

    Go On you know it makes sense.
  • Getting mine tomorrow. No need to dust out the rose tinted spectacles though as mine are permanently stapled to my head....:-)
  • nice one badger, buying mine tomorrow then
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  • No Problem Balham red, go to Watford Junction or Watford High street, you can get a bus from there or it's about 1 mile walking distance.

    Sure Plenty of peeps on here will know.
  • not me. I'll be drinking whilst watching cricket in bearstead in preparation for my brothers wedding and worrying about how to fit into my dress.
  • Would normally do Watford but in a choice between getting off my face dancing in a muddy field to Prodigy or watching us draw 0-0 at Watford then Liam and the boys win on this occasion.
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