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has the site changed or is it me

edited August 2008 in Troubleshooting
none of the stuff on the left hand side is there anymore - well not on my screen anyway. Not touched my settings for yonks either.


  • same here
  • whilst we and the hosting company get to the bottom of what's slowing the forum down / causing it to crash so frequently, we've had to turn all the extensions off.

    So at present, its just its core shell with no thrills. You can still send and receive whispers, but you won't get the notification at the top as usual.

    Hopefully things will be sorted this week.
  • oh right fair enough - never used half the stuff anyway so makes no odds to me

    thanks afka

    did you get my tenner from Andy
  • Whispers that go wrong ........ number 63781

  • no i never meant it to be a whisper actually oggy oggy oggy oi oi oi
  • "McFly, anybody home McFly?"
  • who threw you a biscuit silly bolox.

    jumped the gun on this big boy

    Oggy was saying I meant to whisper my comments when I never intended that at all.
  • dreary me. Yes, got it Ledge, ta.

    Back in your box rest of you....
  • I was talking about your first post McLedge

  • Course you were sweetheart
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