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Charlton Life FC vs Ipswich Town Supporters - players wanted


After 9 or so years running Charlton Internet FC and fresh from the success of the Worldnet tournament last month, AFKA and I would like to have a stab at running a Charlton Life FC. Ideally we'd play 5 or so games a year (so no massive commitment) against supporters of other clubs / other forums as part of the Internet Football Association (IFA) League. Games are 90mins, usually played on the morning of the 'main match' and are followed by a couple of beers with the opposing fans. It's unlimited rolling subs (so lack of fitness not an excuse!) and the main purpose is to have a laugh whilst playing for 'our club'. Ability is not of paramount importance here - yes it's great to win games, but (for us at least and the teams that we will play against) it's more about the having a laugh and seeing how we get on. There are a large number of people on here who have played for CIFC in the past and each of them will be able to vouch for a) it being a laugh and b) it being about having the right 'attitude' over ability (altho don't let that put you off if you are a great footballer!).

The games will be played in Charlton (pitch tbc), but aiming for Meridian / Charlton Park with an 11am KO so you'll be able to get to the ground / pub in good time and and will be reffed (likely by me, unless Spankie is available). We do have an old Charlton kit if you don't have a shirt and we can usually muster up enough socks and shorts to go round...

So, the gauntlet has been thrown down by Ipswich Town supporters, who would like to play us on the morning of Oct 4th. I realise that this is the day before the charity run, which might impact on an abilityto get a team out this time, but I would be extremely grateful if you could let me know if a) you're interested in playing for CLFC at some point in the future and b) specifically whether you can play on Oct 4th vs Ipswich. If we can't get a team out this time, we'll look to get a team out another day.

If you have any questions, please leave me a message below or send me a whisper.



  • I'll be availble on that morning and for future games no doubt.
  • Count me in mate!
  • I meant to reply to the email last night. Im definetly in!
  • Played many years ago for the Supporters team when the likes of Steve Archer , Micky Cuthbert , Mick Everett, Steve Dixon etc ran it. Yep count me in , it would be great to did the boots out again.
  • Yeah count me in for sure
  • i'll tentatively offer my services at this time
  • not very good and very unfit but if you are struggling for numbers i dont mind stepping
  • go on then as long as i can play centre half.
  • might need to borrow some boots though
  • i aint played for 11 years so go easy on me.
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  • I'd like to be part of it - planned on coming up for the Ipswich match anyway.

    I'm a bit ancient and not as fast as I was, lol .....but still playing a bit of 5-a-side.
    Played in our CL match at The Valley last year.
  • Count me in smudge, fitness regime has just about 5 minutes when ive polished off my muffin
  • Bloody Hell lava luva...we are not that short.

    I'm in.....
  • dont listen to him luva luva original post says all welcome
  • NSS I mean it. This is a big case of 50p head!! LOL
  • Feck me Luva Luva things have changed a bit since you last played. Subs are allowed, england have won a world cup and people take the piss out of each other on a thing called the internet and not just down the pub!!
  • CommentAuthorLuva Luva CommentTime21 hours ago permalink
    Yep count me in , it would be great to did the boots out again.

    I`m glad it wern`t just me who thought this was funny ;-)
  • I'll play if your desperate!!
  • Great stuff - you're all in :-)

    Seriously, for those who are worried about fitness / ability etc it's a case of who wants to play, not who's good enough to play....

    For added spice, Riscardo is going to ref.....something which has to be witnessed first hand at least once in a lifetime....

    I'll confirm with Ipswich and then sort out details over the next couple of weeks.

    Cheers all - and please continue to leave names if you're interested - the more the better.

  • Can't wait
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  • Just sorted out my kit so ready and raring to go
  • ask jonjo if he can lend me some boots size 9
  • I could be up for that....

    Luva Luva...haha !, only kidding mate
  • I hear they play footy these days minus the laces in a football !!!!!!
  • i'll give it a go.
  • Steve i'll ask him i think thats what size he is
  • Yes please - if you promise not to laugh too much at an old has been that never really was. Those were the days Luva Luva. God knows how, but I seem to recall a substantial unbeaten run.
  • Count me in.
  • Paddy 7 give us a clue as to who you are m8
  • Its Colin Powell LOL
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