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Brian Barwick leaves his post.

As chief executive of the F.A.


  • Good riddance. I blame him entirely for us not being at the euros.
  • That bloody tash.
  • Just on Talksport."He was sacked".
  • So who is this Lord Cheeseman character and what is his role?
  • Is Peter Varney going to step up to the plate?
  • Maybe Henry will go for it
  • Commentator on Setanta: "Given the machiavellian nature of English football politics it's better not to speculate on why he is going."

    Five minutes later: "You do wonder if it's something to do with the appointment of David Triesman as the new independent head of the FA."

    Not to mention: "It's only the second time the Czech Republic have played at Wembley since they became that country. The last was a 2-0 defeat here to England ten years ago."

    That'll be not counting the final of Euro 96 then . . .
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