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Great Britain sends out a drugs message re London 2012!

By sending Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin to play lead guitar in fair guys you couldn't make it up!


  • Still ,at least Boris was there to show we really are going to take these olympic games seriously.

    They must have been well impressed.
  • Did anyone else see Boris' speech? "Ping Pong's coming home" - absolutely brilliant!
  • The whole speech is great, but if you don't want to watch the first bit, skip to 2min 45sec
  • I have to say, that was absolutely brilliant!

    Not sure that Coe and Brown thought so, but the world is full of serious things so let's just have a bit of fun and play sport the way it should be played.
  • I don’t think Boris takes his self too serious or the job he should be doing for London.
    But then "we" did elect him and I feel it was more for his personality than his social skills.
  • People should be mored concerned with the fact that the "painting" of child killing Moors Murderer Myra Hindley was included in the "Visit London" exibition shown in Bejhing (sic) than wot Boris was wearing. F**kin insult to the whole of GB that is.
  • The bloke has that comic touch but is also really sharp and most of it is very good act.
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    [cite]Posted By: JohnnyH2[/cite][p]The bloke has that comic touch but is also really sharp and most of it is very good act.[/p]

    I'm starting to wish Paul Merton had stood for mayor. At least he was born in London...
  • just listened to the speech, well worth listening to it all, was chuckling away throughout.

    Buffoon, but you can't help but warm to him.
  • i thought it was going to be a map and a list of numbers of dealers in the East End
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