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Lloyd Sam

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A lot of people on here don't seem to rate Lloyd Sam and apparently ignore his value to the team.

Okay, so people think his distibution, crossing and general contribution is poor.

He's got good ability on the ball but he's not an experienced player - although no one can deny that he works tremendously hard for the team. Maybe the fact that he appears from time to time indecisive means that perhaps he's waiting for a run or call from a team mate that doesn't come?

If we look at the Reading match, we'll see that Sam actually played a major part in all 4 goals - not bad for someone regarded by many as ineffective.

First goal: Bailey, just inside the Reading half cooly plays a simple ball to Moo2, who lays off to Sam running hugging the touchline picking out the overlapping Moo2 perfectly - he then sits, covering Moo2 as no doubt he was instructed to do in that situation. Moo2 advances towards the line, loops over a fine cross that the Reading keeper can't deal with ........and you know the rest. The important thing here also, is that when Moo2 gets beyond him, Sam covers and literally becomes the fullback.

Second goal: Out wide but level with his own box, Sam himself crucially dispossesses an opponent, and then makes a strong run before picking out a perfectly weighted pass into the path of Varney, who collects barely breaking stride and surges past Sonko, who shoves him in the back and Charlton are awarded a penalty ......

Third goal: Bailey slips a sublime ball through to Gray just inside the box, who backheels to Varney who's bundled over just as he's about to strike the ball - no penalty according to the ref - the ball comes out wide to Sam who puts over a great cross in the right area and Varney, having picked himself up off the floor, firmly heads home.

Fourth goal: Awkward high ball hit a little too firmly from deep midfield, is pulled down nicely by Sam under pressure. He shields the ball well and lays the simple ball on the floor inside to the advancing Moo2, who loops it across for Buzz to meet ever so sweetly on the volley.

Notice that Sam is invariably in the right place at the right time?

There's no doubt, that Sam is Moo2's other half - they work well in tandem with each other, as proved time and time again against Reading. Sam was remarkably effective but also, Moo2's defensive work was much better with Sam working with him.


  • in a rush can't read all this now..... not being rude but if oggy had typed this out and lost the post , i think even he'd have got the hump... that's a proper war and peace job ;-)
  • I personally see Sam as a weak link of the team but don't have an issue with him as he does work his socks off, unlike a certain recently departed winger. Sam did do well on Saturday but he needs to do that on a much more regular basis or he could end up being viewed as a hard working version of Jerome Thomas, who has plenty of effort but not enough end product.
  • [cite]Posted By: Oggy Red[/cite]although no one can deny that he works tremendously hard for the team

    They can and do, wouldn't call him a very hard working player, not saying he's lazy though.

    His crossing is poor, but it was good to see he finally got a good ball in.

    At times last season he didn't work very well with Moutaouakil, he never game him the ball when he overlapped.

    He needs to improve but having a player like Bailey in the team will help, and playing with an attacking full back gives him more options.

    Still seems to mess around with the ball far too much, was better on Saturday though.
  • Yeah he did the business on Saturday, but i find he's a frustrating player to watch. There was a point where he broke quickly from a corner picked the ball up and ran fully 60 yards, I think it was Varney busting agut down the right channel had he been played in he was through on goal, I was screaming for him to give it for a bout 5 seconds, he didn't release the ball and was dispossesed seconds later. That summed him up for me...
  • Agree with T, he needs to keep his head up and release the ball much sooner rahter than run himself into trouble.
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    I think we have to stop worrying about Sam and trust the coaching staff to work on those areas of weakness in his game, the main ones being crossing generally and hitting the early ball plus his fitness and work rate for at least 85 minutes - this is on-going but good progress is being made here.

    Against Watford Pards took off the right back Semedo and Sam filled in there. I think with Moo2's ability to get forward its imperitive that the winger sits in the right back position. All in all I like Sam, he's a work in progress but with the right encouragment he can be a really effective player like on Saturday.
  • it will all come wth experience though lads. Not even made 50 1st team appearances yet.

    the talent is there as is the desire give him time
  • I like Sam. He has great balance, and is one of the few players who can run with the ball and take players on. He does need to try to get more crosses into the box,as thats something we have lacked. He does have ability,and i hope he does'nt end up another one of those players who never quite makes it.
  • Don't get me wrong the lad has every single facet to be a very good player for us. I just hope it all comes together for him and us and he doesn't go the way of Lisbie.
  • Classic confidence player who's feet seem quicker than his head. That said he scored a lot of goals for the reserves so lets hope he finds the belief and can be a suprise plus.
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  • Is it any coincidence that with Thomas gone, Sam suddenly springs to life?
  • He's class. The confidence and experience will come, especially in a team that is playing well and winning
  • at the beginning of last season he was on fire till he got sent off at hull and after that his form dipped dramatically...
    i think he's as frustrating/annoying as thomas or lisbie, you know there's some ability there but it just doesn't happen regularly enough...... obviously i hope lloyd, like the team can, find some consistency to their good form
  • definatly a "confidence" player; lets hope the team (and him) keep progressing.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: jimmymelrose[/cite]Is it any coincidence that with Thomas gone, Sam suddenly springs to life?[/quote]

    I think theres a bit in that Jim....

    overall having Thomas leaving will and is having a positive effect .....
  • He'd be more loved if it wasn't for Lisbie's shadow. He's one of ours, he's got commitment and a fair amount of talent. A classic case of let's give him the support to build his confidence rather than watch out for and pick on the one thing he does wrong all game. I'm definitely with Oggy on this one!
  • Oggy-

    Agree completely and had much the same thoughts while watching the game. Whatever criticism he may have earned in his tenure with the team, Sam was pitch perfect Saturday.
  • Am i the only one who thinks that Sams cross for Varneys goal wasn't that great? It was behind everyone. It was only because Varney got back to it, and then put in a great header that made the cross look good.
    Agreed though he works hard and also works well with Moo2 and we can't ask much more than that. However i'd still have Ambrose on the right ahead of him any day.
  • Considering Varney was only in a tiny amount of space between two defenders it was a peach of a cross. You're criticising him for a great cross not being inch-perfect - There really is no pleasing some people!
  • Chunes - I'm not criticising him at all. I just think that Varney made an average cross that was going away from people look decent by what he did with his header.
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  • [cite]Posted By: Weegie Addick[/cite]He'd be more loved if it wasn't for Lisbie's shadow. He's one of ours, he's got commitment and a fair amount of talent. A classic case of let's give him the support to build his confidence rather than watch out for and pick on the one thing he does wrong all game. I'm definitely with Oggy on this one!

    Exactly, Weegie (and CollegePark too).

    Though I suppose there'll always be supporters who ignore what he does right, instead of picking on his occasional mistake. He's a young, inexperienced player learning the game and finding his way.

    How he could be criticised for creating our 3rd goal, is beyond me. His cross was absolutely good enough - otherwise Varney wouldn't have met it and scored....(!)

    Some people expect our players to be faultless - if they could be that perfect, they wouldn't be playing for Charlton in the Championship, that's for sure!
  • I like him myself, but his inconsistency will diminish in time when he gains more experience...another one for the future.
  • Lloyd had a good game on Saturday, no disputing that. But he hasn't before put any good performances together consistently.

    Who will get the nod for you out of Lloyd or Abrose when he gets full fitness ?
  • Sam had a good game but for me it's Ambrose all day long. Much better and consistent, however I hope Sam makes him graft for a place back in the side
  • A big feature of Sam's performance on Saturday, was how he invariably tracked back to cover Moo2.

    Now, as people know on here, I'm a bit of an Ambrose fan.
    But with the best will in the world, I can't see Ambrose grafting to get back covering Moo2 going forward.

    And Moo2 without cover is an opposition goal waiting to happen.

    I'd be loathe to break up Sam & Moo2 - on Saturday they worked brilliantly in combination, two quick, athletic, energetic tricky young players working well in tandem.

    Maybe leaving a clearly unmatch fit Ambrose on the bench for the next few weeks, to come on as required, is the better short term option?
  • now Ambrose is fit is there a possibility he may too be sold ? Turned down 1.5m due to him being injured and that isn't the case now. Plus he is out of contract at the end of the season and may be one of the few left on PL wages. IF sold surely Pards would get some funds to spend assuming ZZ has already gone.
  • Sam for me....I think Ambrose is a luxury.....wonder if Rhino can see this....will make his day
  • I think Ambrose loves to get behind the defenders - which is nice
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    [cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]I think Ambrose loves to get behind the defenders - which is nice

    oi oi Westie!!
  • with or without his Mrs?
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