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Dartford Times

edited August 2008 in General Charlton
Thankfully that strange Henry Irving is not doing his god awful column anymore (;-)) but CharltonLife members are still getting a weekly presence in the paper with selected quotes from the message board.

This week featured Bing talking about Lloyd Sam and us putting trust in our coaches and Kap saying that we havent won anything yet after the performance after Reading.

Thats all.


  • I was quoted two weeks in a row, but couldn't complete the hat-trick.

    Vicenzo and Uncle have also been quoted in recent weeks.

    Its actually an idea i offered to the Ken Messenger a year or so ago. I would of selected out a handful of quotes and they could of selected their favourites, Tony Hudd said it was a good idea and he would think about it, but never got back to me.
  • They could mention my Official "wOULD YA?".....;-)
  • Do i know Mr. Ken Messenger ? ;-)
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