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Questions for AGM

I think GH had a great idea about having a list of questions/points we as a forum could raise at the AGM why not use this thread to put forward ideas he could ask.I will start off with a couple.

1) How much did we get for Thomas and Faye,and are we contributing to Faye's wages ?

2) How much do we get from BBC Radio London for the rights to cover our games on radio,because their coverage is poor (see how i use no abusive language instead of shite which is what i really think) and seeing as we are not big boys any more us fans would prefer the type of coverage we received in the good old RTM days.


  • 3) Why was Dowie really sacked? ;o)
  • 4) Did all the money go down the pot holes in the west stand car park? :-)
  • Are the pineapple chunks in the mens urinals Del Monte or Libbys?
  • 5) Why don't we have more players with beards? Its not good enough Charlton!! ;-)
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: MCS[/cite]5) Why don't we have more players with beards? Its not good enough Charlton!! ;-)[/quote]

    Agreed a few more Killers would be nice but just not Ginger ones ;-)
  • NorthStand they cant be questions as such they have to be proposals which are voted on. i.e. "The re-instatemnet of the Fans Director (honary) to the Board of Directors to be voted for bi-yearly by all fans".

    Wages are in the yearly report.

    if any one of the main players on the board dont like it you stand no chance. All that show of hands at the AGM is so much old bollox really. For example i think i have 1,000 shares Murray has several million (not knocking him at all). So lets not think any real power is in the hands of the smalll shareholders. The only thing is we egt to see the for and against arguement.
  • "if any one of the main players on the board dont like it you stand no chance".

    You're right in terms of voting power but I would not underestimate the effect of very strong support for a motion from the floor at am AGM, at least on issues that don't cost money. The directors don't want to be seen to ride roughshod over very strongly supported views; they like to be popular. The problem would be that RM, DC or SW would likely put up what would sound to the smaller shareholders like a really plausible case for the change from SD to the Fans' Forum and when put to a vote it may be very difficult to get overwhelming support from the floor for the reinstatement of the SD [after all, it's not like its as important as pot holes in the car park ;0) ].
    If there are enough people who want the SD reinstated and want to campaign for it, an organised bombardment of the PLC directors individually by letters and/or a petition and/or the persistent bending of directors' ears on the subject when they attend Supporters' Meeting may bear fruit without the need for a resolution at the AGM.
    Frankly, it has to be doubtful that there are that many people bothered enough to campaign vigorously about it.
  • (Sorry, searched but couldn't find the thread I was looking for)

    Did we ever get a list together for tomorrows AGM ?
  • Can we get some decent lager to be served?
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