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proper peeed off

has won i am now a hater not a lover

what a crock of shite was served up to us yesterday and wolves



  • I walked away proper disappointed yesterday. Dunno why I should really as have seen it all before time and time again over the years and still come back for more.

    Ah well, it beats going to the supermarket on a saturday afternoon I spose. Or worse still - the hell on earth that is Bluewater!
  • edited September 2008
    Funny, I don't get to go much but when I do I get disappointed easily. However, yesterday I went with little interest and no expectations. It was disappointing, but it didn't hurt much in the way it used to.
  • As you're in the UK at the mo, LoOkie, are you still around for our match with Ipswich supporters next Saturday?
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