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13.4% of my posts are discussion starters

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why the hell did i just work that out?


  • I'm on 13.7%
    Dunno why I worked that out either (then again, I'm a sad bugger that deals with stats for a living!)
  • very admirable, keep up the good work comrades.

    You are proud leaders of people, i hope the happy-clappy replying-only mob are ashamed.
  • quiz question:

    which poster will be the first to ask: cool, how did you work that out dood ?

  • I'd post a guess, but that'll decrease my percentage...
    D'oh! :o)
  • 1.7% - i am definitely a follower rather than leader!
  • Can someone work mine out, i just cant get to grips with this adding up lark!
  • Ollie - 8.9%

    Damn you - you're bringing my percentage down further!
  • 10.41% for me (Hangs head in shame and promises to do better Sir)
  • 8% me... Im such a goal hanger
  • 20%!! Beat that!!
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  • [quote]Posted By: 1905 1.7% - i am definitely a follower rather than leader!

    Don't you mean a taker rather than a giver? *gay winking face thingy*
  • A 13.06% for me, although thats just changed with this message. Better think of a new topic to start!
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