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anyone live/work in/near earls court?

by any chance....?


  • [cite]Posted By: suzisausage[/cite]by any chance....?

    if i added that it would mean you get fed and watered on monday or tuesday lunchtime for free would any one respond?
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    i am there on sunday evening,does that count?
  • wanna get stuck there then until the next day?

    no worries, its for previews/dummy runs of the new wagamama there that opens on wednesday.

    you get a free main dish, free side and 2 drinks! but its only monday and tuesday. n'mind.

    more sites coming up soon so will keep asking! anyone live in bath? hehe. got bournemouth coming soon so have polo on the list already.
  • I'm a couple of miles away, can't promise much though since it already looks like I'll have to go a very long way home tonight!
  • When's the Bromley branch opening Suzi? We are quite an affluent lot and more upmarket than Croydon.
  • bromley is on the list!
  • and Sittingbourne or Maidstone????
  • What about charlton or greenwich or blackheath! If so count me in!
  • every week when in the property meeting i suggest greenwich!

    will of course let you all know when it comes up.
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  • always up for any Citipoint freebies/offers !!!
  • Sweet
  • [cite]Posted By: LargeAddick[/cite]always up for any Citipoint freebies/offers !!!

    you'll have to join up the to the website for offers. every week they have deals on every restaurant. and if you're on their mailing list, when its they're birthday they do 2 for 1 offers

    when another restaurant opens in the city then i'll let you all know.
  • Any sites opening in Southern Germany???
  • [cite]Posted By: suzisausage[/cite]no.

    Suggest it at one of your meetings then! I'm fed up of Papa Johns, Babs Kebabs and a sweaty burger van....
  • Thought that was a bit of a short answer, Sittingbourne is on the way up ya know.
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