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NEW ARTICLE: Overly critical fans forget the last 12 years at their peril


  • This will be unpopular, but the fans got on my wick today, the way they were about to turn big time on the players in the first half, you wouldn't hear that at Brammel Lane or Vicarage Road.

    The support needs to be a bit unconditional unless they are as bad as Reading
  • I totally agree Rothko. all of the fans at the games need to keep the faith and if not, sing as though they do anyway. the player's are alredy on a downer, and have been most of the season due to results and backroom stuff. i think the fans now need to remember that there is no right of any premiership club to expect good results every week, or even to stay up for that fact. we are a club in crisis, lets not beat about the bush on that one. this is our worst run for years and it may prove to be a relegatin season. but lets follow charlton 'over land and sea' as though we are willing to die for our cause singing on the terraces, because that is the only way we can show who we support inside the ground. i'll be up at the lane next week, and regardless of the result i will no doubt have lost my voice for a few days afterwards. i love my club. the team are just part of that, as i am to when im on the terraces. i remember the likes of sunderland signing to the end and beyond during their relegation season, so lets show a bit more commitment. sing loud and show your proud to wear the badge whatever the weather.
  • nice sentiments Prince.

    I have to disagree to a certain extent Rothko. I thought the fans were pretty patient today. Granted there was no atmosphere at all for most of it, but there wasn't much booing or slating either. I expected a massive turn for the worse when Everton went in the lead, but if anything the crowd raised it a bit.

    I thought it would of been worse.
  • Time will tell if Murray's decision to sack Dowie was wise or not. If we survive this season then yes, but the team still looks brittle and in need of a strong central midfielder and at least one striker as neither JFH, M Bent or Lisbie look capable of scoring the necessary goals, and if Darren Bent gets injured/suspended/transferred we are in trouble. What I liked about Dowie was his battling abilities and right now that is what we need.
  • Dowie was good at waving his arms about, clenching his fists, punching the air and coming out with rallying phrases. I'm unconvinced as to how much substance there was underneath all the gestures though.

    Les Reed, I suspect, is understated like Curbs but can give the "hairdryer" treatment if required.

    I'm feeling more optimistic than I have for a while although I can't justify why!
  • Len, I'm going to fully trust you! You're my new mentor... At the beginning of the season I had this romantic idea that we were gong to do really well under Dowie and finish high up the table... dare I say Yourup. And you said you'd take 17th. I'm very pessimistic after the ups and downs and more downs of the first third of this season. I now see the error of my ways and would take 17th in the blink of an eye.
  • It all depends really on why Dowie was sacked, I wish the club would come out and release an official statement detailing the reasons why - so far I've heard reports that he had sacked the scouting network, had taken only the players he signed for training sessions, leaving the rest to Reed and Robson, had locked himself away in his office and refused to take vany training sessions, that the walk that the players took before the Newcastle descended into chaos when they got lost, or the one at Wigan that went ahead without Dowie because he gave the players the wrong time to meet. When you evaluate everything only then can you judge whether Dowie had to be sacked or not.
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