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Man Yoo v Chels

Any chance this being a classic or are they just going to equal each other out ?

Really want Man Yoo to turn it on and do the business. Am i alone ?


  • Nope...I'd love a United win, shut some Chelsea fan mates of mine. One nil would be nice, Giggs goal for fantasy footie.
  • I need a clean sheet for Carvalho and Terry for my dream Team so a little 0-1 Chelsea would suit me fine.
  • how did anyone ever watch premiership football impartially before fantasy football ???
  • So far so good......

    Definitely in the United camp this afternoon.
  • Not the greatest, but a very interesting tactical battle, that changed when Chelsea changed their shape in the second half.

    Think United will rue not killing the game in the first half.

    Mourinho was right, a better point for Chelsea than it was for Man Yoo.
  • Although I dont particularly like Mourinho I do think he is a better tactician than Fergie.
  • [cite]Posted By: Solidgone[/cite]Although I dont particularly like Mourinho I do think he is a better tactician than Fergie.

    one of his best tactics is to buy the best players around for zillions of pounds so other teams can't, then pay them £100,000 a week ;-)
  • Mourinho plays defense first tactics and with the calibre of defenders/keepers that he can afford it can be very difficult to break down a team like that, more so when you have in Makalele a defensive midfielder virtually playing as a centre-back.
  • i thought tactically Mourinho got it absolute spot on yesterday.
  • Chelski were far the better team in the second half so he must of said something right to the zillion pounds worth of players on the pitch in the first half to have achieved that performance.
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