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Offie near the Charcoal Burner

There was a gun point robbery at the off licence near the Charcoal Burner on Friday night. Two blokes in ski masks held a gun to the cashiers head.

No one was hurt, but then the owners decided not to call the Police... Hmmmmm. Bit of a problem cos the girl behind the counter did and now they're sniffing around try to work out why they wouldnt report gun crime.

Local rumour is they are VERY dodgy and do under the counter deals, hence not wanting the OB involved.

Was wondering if any "locals" had heard anything?


  • no, not heard a thing. what parade is that ? the one next at the top of longlands, or the one the otherside of the charcoal ?
  • The otherside. Bottles n Cans I think its called...
  • They are dodge. They sell Alchol to 13/14 year olds for a start!

    Also when I have been in there, they seem very 'anxious' always asking if they can help you even though its an offie.
  • Where do you live then Tom?
  • They are dodgy in a strange way, always sticks 1 extra can or bottle in when i make a purchase and mutters somthing along the lines off "people should always help others"
    he has also given me a free evening standard a couple of times.
    didn't know about the raid.
  • [cite]Posted By: CharltonDan[/cite]Where do you live then Tom?

    Road off Harland Avenue. New Eltham/Sidcup
  • Dulverton Road, near the primary school! Small world. CAFC
  • Aaah I see. I'm on Woodside up opposite the Peugeot Garage
  • Pikeys....;-)
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