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signing Scott Parker

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Spurs linked to Parker:

if the takeover proceeds and we get some funds and were to help West Ham out by buying Scott Parker, would you be happy to see him back playing for us?!!


  • Wouldn't bother me as long as he was good enough and did the business. Sadly he hasn't lived up to his promise and always seems to be injured. Mind you, his bank balance looks very healthy, so that's aright then.
  • I was surprised at how poor Scott looks in the West Ham side, the pace has gone, the passing is so so, and even the tackling has lost some bite.
  • Was out with an 'ammer at lunchtime & he can't work out what Parker brings to the team. Reckons he just does pirouettes & passes the ball sideways. Apparently he's not at all popular down there. Reckon we saw his best days.
  • "he just does pirouettes & passes the ball sideways"

    Good to see his still playing the Curbs way, Sideways Lads!!!!
  • [cite]Posted By: adamtheaddick[/cite]"he just does pirouettes & passes the ball sideways"

    Good to see his still playing the Curbs way, Sideways Lads!!!!

    Some might say Matty Holland?

    I'd like to see Matty and Scotty together!
  • His move to Chelsea ruined his career IMO.
  • It certainly did Chirpy.
  • Don't think we'd be too happy matching his £65k a week salary to be honest.
  • Half the player since he left us. Think he's too scared of injuring himself to put his body on the line in tackles now which is why the Geordies didn't take to him and he came under a lot of criticism.

    I'm still bitter about the manner in which he left us so will always have a blinkered view of him. Sorry to mention it again but he could of learned alot about the way to conduct himself from Baby Bent. True gent.
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  • I agree with most of that the injuries have taken a considerable toll on his pace and ability to get box to box without that athletic ability he is not the same player.
  • Dont need Parker we have Bailey
  • I think that virus he caught really knocked him sideways...he's 'never' been the player he was since he left just a very average Prem player...yes better than most of what we have now but there's much better around, let's just live with the dreams that he shattered both for us and himself.
    For me his departure signalled the begining of our decline, we've gone slowly but surely downhill since that sad day when he upped and left....we should have dug our heels in at least until the end of that season. I love the guys on our board but that for me was the biggest mistake they have evermade...bigger even than the two disaterous managerial appointments. ...Europe beckond and what did they do despite having seen what similar scenarios from the past have happend when selling your best player.....Yup, sell the jewell in the crown.

    I'm off t' Valley mother!!!
  • not in the slightest... tosser
  • Not for me - I'd prefer we prime Shelvey over the next few years to be a homegrown star
  • Yes please.

    He's far from his best at the moment but many Geordies were gutted to see him leave (captain wasn't he?) and I think he needs to come 'home' to get his career back on track. Bailey may have impressed so far but Parker has proven he can cut it at Prem' level and then some. Would be a great signing for us IMO (at the right price and wages of course). Quick apology from him, we all kiss and make up and Bob's ya mother's brother.
  • not for me either. too injury prone now and we had his best years.
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    He cost us an European place.....
  • [cite]Posted By: robroy[/cite]Dont need Parker we have Bailey

    After tonight I'd go for Parker.
  • No thanks.
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