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NEW ARTICLE: This ain't no 'Dream Team'

Excellent article by Richard Hunt, click on the link below

Comments gratefully received


  • Very Interesting.
  • Agreed, think it gets all of the main points across well, without becoming overtly speculative.
  • edited November 2006
    Very good article.

    However me being a proper conspiracy theorist reckon that Dowie was alledgedly caught in the shower with Ambrose and Holland after training. If you think about it, makes sense why the club and Dowie would want to cover this up.

    AFKA - let me know if you want an article as I am happy to go into more details............................
  • those that haven't returned, there's been some excellent comments post-article.
  • Very Interesting, Shame That We'll Probably Never Find Out The Real Reason.
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