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**Charlton Life / Demelza Fundraising Target Reached (and passed)**

Morning all

Just a very quick note to say that the £4,000 target that the marathon runners set themselves was surpassed this morning with the figure standing at £4,064.20 with an additional £668 raised in gift aid.

I said to AFKA that £4,000 may be a bit ambitious but he assured me that we could break and so he was proved right!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and well done again to everyone who run.

AFKA will be able to give you all a better idea of the collective amount CL has raised for Demelza over the past years but I can guarantee it has made a huge difference. Once again - thank you.

And of course you can still donate:


  • Well done to you and all the runners for making it happen...!
  • I hope there's no comeback with adding our figure to your one is there? in case they think they are getting that £800 sum twice?

    our page
  • Well done to everyone involved
  • No comeback Curb It, your contribution was seperately entered as money raised elsewhere.

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed (its still not too late). I'm going to do a seperate article about it, but i think it brings the amount raised by Charlton Life Members specifically for Demelza to £39,500 in the past 18 months.
  • Well done all - an absolutely fantastic effort!!
  • Yes, well done all. Something to be very proud of.
  • Great effort by everyone involved. Well done.
  • Fantastic stuff. Pat on the back to everyone who ran or contributed.
  • I've just added £40 as part two but there's about another £30 to come from people I havent seen since yet... will add this as soon as I can!!!
  • FANTASTIC - Well done!
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  • Congratulations, i worked for a charity and often people say that they can raise an amount and often fall short. I am sure Demelza will be delighted,well done to all.
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    There was an article about it in Saturday's programme.

    Yes Kimbo, Demelza are very pleased with our collective efforts, this was the quote their area rep forwarded for circulation:

    Terrie Kennor, London Area Fundraising Manager for Demelza said

    'I am so impressed with the effort that the Charlton Life team put into this run. I know none of them had attempted a run of this distance before and it takes guts and determination to complete that many miles, especially with the bad weather conditions.

    The money they have raised so far for the new hospice in Eltham has exceeded the £39k mark, which is an amazing amount, only usually achieved by a corporate supporter but these guys are a group of friends with a massive heart and they should be proud of themselves. I would like to thank them on behalf of the families and children in the South London area that will benefit from using the new hospice'
  • 40 grand, wow that is quite a figure. Well done us.
  • is that the terrie kennor who used to work for charlton??
  • THE terrie kennor ??

    PS. Well done all of yous guys; Great Effort. Now, if the team could put this much effort in.............
  • good job everyone involved, a fantastic achievement and a great cause, I hear 1905 is training for next year already.
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