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Nicky Bailey

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Hi, Barnet fan here. I see Bailey scored again last night, he's got a few for you guys now. I'm really interested to hear how he's getting on with you guys. When he was at Barnet I genuinely thought he could make the Premiership. Do you guys share the same view? To me, he has all the qualities needed to be a top class midfielder. I would be interested to hear your views....


  • I think he could make the premiership; he has a great shot on him I would say he’s our best player although it’s not hard to be Charlton’s best player.
  • Hi Clarko, welcome to CL.

    Bailey has largely impressed. Seems to have good character and the right spirit. Gets involved, and can keep it simple. He has just had two very poor appearances, but bounced back to be MoM last night.

    Personally, i think this is his level, and he would struggle in the prem, but what do i know.

    How are things at Barnet nowadays ?
  • Well Barnet are very hit and miss at the moment and struggling a bit! For some reason we always seem to pull a result out of the bag when no-one is expecting it.
    As always we will struggle to get quality players in because of the wage cap. 60% of an average attendance of just over 2,000 doesn't leave a lot to sign the better players. So we rely on Fairclough to bring in non-league unknowns (like Bailey) each season. Sometimes it works and they soon get sold, sometimes it doesn't. This season we appear to only have a small handful of players of League standard so a long hard season beckons.
    We could have done with Josh Wright back on loan and he looked a superb prospect but I was disappointed when he went out to Brentford.
    A lot of fans have got restless with Fairclough now due to results from this season. However, he has always pulled it out the bag when he needs and he will do so again. Ultimately, with our budget I'm not sure what else he can do until we finally move into a new stadium and attendances increase, but even that won't guarantee higher attendances. Then there would be the problem of replacing him. Who would want that job with the lowest budget in the league?!
  • Wright's now debuted for us in the league and looks like he's got a bit about him. Won your YP of the season last year, did he not? We've got a few new ones that could probably do with a loan - Arter, Yussuf, Wagstaff, Fleetwood: hopefully you'll get the chance to take a look at one or more.
  • wage cap is that enforced ?

    strange about the attendances, i went there a few time with Welling when you were non-league, and you were getting 3,000+ in those days.
  • Bailey has character as well as ability and that marks him out as real prospect. He is still learning and he's made one or two rickets but I think he's been a great signing. Last night he stood head and shoulders above any other Charlton player, and was all over the pitch including scoring a real classy goal. I hope he goes from strength to strength with us.
  • Yes the wage cap is enforced. So normally, the teams with the highest average attendance are at the top!! The only way around this would be for a financial backer to plough money in to the club as "sponsorship" to give a higher turnover, thus a higher wage budget.
    I wouldn't mind us having Fleetwood. It was probably a step or two too much for him when he left Forest Green. I think he'd score goals in League 2, lets have him!!
    Yes Wright was young player of the year for us last season.
    The attendances for us if baffling. Even when we won the conference we were still only averaging around 2,200, although away following is much smaller in that league. We compete with Tottenham and Arsenal which doesn't help. We have a good relationship with Arsenal as their reserves have played at Underhill for FREE for a number of years now. We get a guaranteed sell out pre season friendly every year but Wenger has never loaned out any of his young stars to us on loan! Says it's too physical. A player can learn a lot in League 2 he should give it a go!
  • That wage cap is not enforced by the league though is it?

    I've never heard that before!
  • Yes it is! Conference and League 2. It's to stop clubs spending beyond their means.
  • [cite]Posted By: clarko[/cite]Yes it is! Conference and League 2. It's to stop clubs spending beyond their means.
    Isn't it in League 1 as well?
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  • It may well be now, I'm not sure.
  • Wouldn't be surprised if you or Brentford get Arter or Yussuff on loan, Pardew has said both will hopefully go out on loan and I expect it'll be to a League Two club.
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