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Sing up you Addicks!

edited October 2008 in General Charlton
I think that it is fair to say that these are three facts about our club:

1. Come Saturday our manger is most likely to still be Alan Pardew.

2. The players are low on confidence but have managed by hook or crook to get two points on the board in two games.

3. A pro-Charlton atmosphere on Saturday (irrespective of what you think of the team or manager) will be more enjoyable for us and a better environment for the team to have a go at beating a team that is near us in the league.

We can do nothing about fact 1. Fact 2 is something the team has given us - better than two loses irrespective of performances.

Fact 3 concerns us. We can turn up on Saturday and sing our hearts out for the club we love. Take some stray passes or miss-shots with good grace accepting that we don't have the best team in the world.

If you don't like Pardew or if some/all of our players aren't up to your ideal standards then sing for Charlton the club - your chosen team. When you go home with a sore throat, laughed at yourself for singing out of time with the rest of the stand and generally tried to make as good of the experience as you can then you may well feel better at having done the best you can. We don't have to fix everything this week, just do our best to get a result against Barnsley. That is our focus right now.

Sing-up you Addicks!


  • I'm sure we'll do our best Sco!

    Hat trick for Campbel-Ryce anyone!!!
  • its a great idea to sing-up the addicks but the morons who boo dont use these forums so going to be hard,

    But i think its a great idea, all of my family are going to be there saturday so would be good to impress them with the noise from the north upper ;D
  • common you reds
  • at least we don't have thatcher this time

    remember Oakwell last year, he made him JCR look like Robinho
  • Great post "Sco the Marshaller"!

    Up the Addicks!
  • [cite]Posted By: Harry Monk[/cite]its a great idea to sing-up the addicks but the morons who boo dont use these forums so going to be hard.

    Computer literacy is so much harder to master than just going "BOOOOOOOO" at the performance of the team.

    I'll be there on Saturday, chanting at the top of my voice for my team. I'll definitely be going home with a sore throat. Mark my words.

    I'm bored, very, very bored, of all this negativity going on on here at present, and it's showing in some of the threads. We need to all be looking in the same direction and that's up.

    Chins up, sing up! Up the table, UP THE ADDICKS!!!
  • I'll be there - you won't here me booing.
  • [cite]Posted By: ChicagoAddick[/cite]I'll be there - you won't here me booing.

    Not what you said on your blog CA ...

    ... ok, I'll let you off, I missed the smily winky thing ;-)
  • I know, will boo in the car on the way up and on the way back, but never during!
  • Lets here some of the old chants again, by which I mean anything other than red army, C A F C and VFR.

    Lets get some pride of London, we are the h/j block (I heard L block trying to join in against Burnley), it's a grand old team to play for (but only if you say Charlton Athletic F.C. and not Charlton F.C. !) that will get the north upper rocking!
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  • No Way L block wanted to join in

    Surely we should start a L block give us a song ???

    Yeah drummer please note we dont want the CAFC all afternoon

    mentioning teh drummer anyone think we were better forst 2 games without them.

    Dont want to knock the lads they do well but we sung a hell of a lot more songs
  • The drummer would be most useful if he was in was in the East or West Stand!

    He wouldn't get much of an atmosphere going, but prevent some of the fans from falling asleep!
  • Thought it wasnt bad noise wise against burnley but we need 2 b alot louder.and come up with some new chants or even what friend or defoe said get some of the older ones up and running again.lets pump some life back in 2 the valley.
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