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Icons/Avatars: Now Larger Size

Greetings all,

Not the most exciting news, but you can now upload larger avatars to the site (the pics that accompany your username with every comment). I've always wanted them small and discreet, as the content you post should be the most important and interesting thing on the page. But the previous icon size was just a tad small to really communicate much of anything. I think that now I've found a decent size that strikes the right balance.



  • Sorry, should have added:

    To change or add a pic to your Account, got to your Account page. Choose Account Picture from the control panel on the left. Follow the directions.
  • excellent, thanks for that and in no way would I consider you a geek for telling us.

    Still it makes a change from the Pardew out threads.
  • I try ;-)
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    The message i get adding pics every time?
  • to profile that s i can chuck em on here!
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