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Glenn Tilbrook at Anchor & Hope SE7

Tomorrow at 5.30pm and Monday at 8pm

Warming up for a tour


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    How did you hear about this ?
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    [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]How did you hear about this ?

    There's a handwritten poster on display in the pub,noticed it yesterday
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    How much is it to get in?
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    i didnt notice an entrance fee on the poster..not to say there wasn't one.
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    Just got back, BLOODY BRILLIANT.

    Played for 2 hours and there isn't an entrance fee. . . .

    He's back down there tomorrow night at 8pm and I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

    Glenn was at the match on Saturday and was as depressed as us all. . . .

    The Anchor has some really *funny* locals in there.

    Barack Obama could walk in and they wouldn't bat an eyelid!
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    Was it busy down there? going tomorrow.

    all new stuff - any old stuff?
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    Bit of everything, just really really entertaining.

    I've decided to take my eldest for his 1st gig. *that* good.
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    Thanks so much for the heads up on this one.
    I:m a lifelong fan and my Japanese wife has loved him for the 8 years since we met.
    Hope to catch him in Japan in Jan.
    Told me he is playing the US embassy tomorrow - I advised him to clear his cavities!

    Many thanks indeed
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    Glad people went, this type of thing doesn't happen much anymore.

    Seeing someone as talented as that playing a small pub gratis is a real treat, especially when he gives it 200%.

    I had to scoot off at the interval as my eldest had to get up for school. . . . that makes me feel v old!

    But I did get to hear 'Labelled with Love' and 'Up the Junction' so went home happy.
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    He did the Cons club back in May for a charity thingy, very nice guy and very approachable.
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    Very approachable as you say, and has the Charlton mentality, touch of humility and self deprecating sense of humour.

    And a barrelload more talent than whats currently on offer at SE7. . . .
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    Thanks very much for telling us about this.
    I went on Monday, and he was excellent. As you say, it's a rare treat to see someone so good in a small venue. And for free!
    Great atmosphere in the pub. Just a pity about the lack of good beer.
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    Bloody great.

    Dont get much better than that down your local on a Monday night.
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    edited November 2008
    Years ago he'd play on the grass outside The Princess of Wales in Blackheath from time to time.

    These days he'd probably get moved on or alternatively you probably are not allowed to sit on the grass outside with a pint!
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    you are still allowed to sit on the grass len.
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    [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]you are still allowed to sit on the grass len.

    I've not drunk there in over 20 years....
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    well the grass is on the outside Len other side of the road from the pond.
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    I walked up from the station with him yesterday (he lives in Lansdowne Lane). I'll try and get down on Monday as he's a class act.
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    is that monday 10th he's back (at the valley 1,2,3,4,50 ///
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    Glenn Tilbrook and the Fluffers at The Anchor on Tuesday 4th 8.30pm.

    Entrance is free.

    (Just had Roast Beef dinner in here and, burpio, is highly recommended.)
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    Great night out, a lovely pub, fab music, and it is free!( the music that is).
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