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Chas and Dave

Protectors of London Pub culture and musical heritage OR naff -cod cockney tripe



  • The Latter. Naff cockney Spurz tripe
  • Nothing wrong with a bit of old Cockney knees up. Born in Hackney, lived in Seven Sisters so I'm down with that.

    Back in 96 never went to an away game without Chas n Dave on the cassette player ;)
  • great entertainment.

    standing at the bar, i couldn't think of any band that would be better entertainment to be playing in the corner.
  • I like their clever lyrics and if you overlook the snooker and Spurs things (and even some of them are at least singable on the terraces) there is a body of well crafted songs and no mid-atlantic accents. Also sampled by Emimin (sp) I hear.

    BTW Riscardo, downloaded that Seu Jorge. Great stuff.
  • Henry, very good live as well.

    Most of the lyrics aren't actually theirs. It all dates back from the 1800's ...
  • I've only heard that one of Bowie covers which are all in French (?) so won't know.
  • Must admit bit of a fan, had there CD on the way to Germany good to sing a long with a load of beers
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]I've only heard that one of Bowie covers which are all in French (?) so won't know.[/quote]

    Do Chas n Dave do Bowie covers ?
  • I doubt it but Seu Jorge do. That's who I meant.
  • They have the merit of appealing to a wide age range. A 27 year old girl from the office saw them on Saturday, coincidentally, and had a great time.

    If I was in "Margit" and saw them advertised at The Winter Gardens I would probably go along and watch them.
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  • Rabbit is absolutley genius....

    Is you wake up after a really heavy night open a beer and put that on youll be singing along....

    It fuelled a morning after party once....
  • As Hugh Laurie said about them: Ars est celare artem.

    There's nothing fake about Chas and Dave. Brilliant, brilliant musicians who simply bash out their very favourite songs to please themselves. And, in doing so, take everyone else on the ride with them.
  • They are class
  • Seen them live a couple of time (last one earlier this year). Great band, plenty of good ol sing-alongs and very under-rated musicians..........
  • Saw them earlier this year for the first time, they were superb.
  • very much a huge part of my childhood and since those young impressionable days I have been a huge fan

    get to see them quite often living round here
  • Went to see em a few years back in Gravesend, brilliant musicians as well as protectors of pub culture
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