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Andersen - web story amended

edited November 2006 in General Charlton
when first read it mentioned transfer figures but now that information has been removed. What were the figures quoted. I thought 400k rising to a potential 650k. Am I right ??


  • Large - yes - those were the figures quoted.
  • ta, F-Blocker.
  • We paid £900,000 for him didn't we?

    How can a 24/25 year old keeper go DOWN in value?
  • £721,000 (8million kroner).

    If we get the full £650k, it will have been worth £71k just to piss-off Mourinho!
  • I think it was £725k.

    Personally I blame the Euro/£/Kroner exchange rate and the fall in the dollar. And Mervyn Day cos he was a goalkeeper but didn't coach the keepers.
  • Henners - the story on the OS still says the £721k - it's the sale value that has been removed.

    However, I'm a sad git and managed to do it from memory! Numbers I'm fine with, but peoples' names just don't seem to stick...
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