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SkyHD+ Channels.

Morning. Had HDSky+ fitted recently and only recently realized that I can no longer get the normal channels (BBC 1,2,ITV,channels 4 &5)nor the "freeview channels. The lead going into the aeriel socket is from the Skydish.
Any suggestions or help ?
Thanks in advance. P.

P.S. (Eddie) Shoestring is on Alibi channel at 1pm everyday. Best detective series ever.


  • Make sure your aerial is plugged into the skybox and the lead out of the back of the box goes into your tv.
  • Sorry, I can't help but with mine I've still got all the regular channels so it sounds like some sort of gliche.

    I take it you've tried looking at the Entertainment menu and not just the HD menu?
  • Sorry, meant the aeriel/dish wire goes into the Skybox, then a scart lead from there to the TV.
  • Er first of all you should get all those channels when using SKY

    If you aren't using SKY to get them you need an rf cable from sky box to TV (as well as RF cable from your aerial to SKY Box), not just scart - also why are you using a scart at all need to use the HDMI socket dude assuming you have a flat screen HD ready telly..
  • Sorry; me again.

    Stupid question, but,here goes........

    Do you need a aeriel ASWELL as the lead coming in from the wall(the dish on the side of the flat) ?
    Or is it just the one lead ?

    Sorry !
  • No need for an arial. Everything should come off the dish.
  • Thanks.
    What wiv com-pu-ters and Sky-TV-+, life is complicated !
  • You'll only need the aerial for terrestrial TV is Sky goes bust or your box dies (Which happens quite regularly to the Thomson boxes I'm afraid to say!).
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