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Well Hall Coronet

Just seen this online - about time they did something with the site.

PLANS for the redevelopment of a derelict cinema have been given the green light.

The Coronet Cinema, in Well Hall Road, Eltham, has remained disused since it closed in 1999.

But developer Cathedral Group’s plans to partly demolish and redevelop the Grade II listed building were given the go-ahead at a Greenwich Council planning board meeting, on October 30.

Under the plans 63 residential properties, teaching space for Greenwich University, and a 60-seater auditorium will be built, as well as the redevelopment of shops behind the cinema.

The plans were approved after a public consultation was held in September and despite some residents preferring to keep the building, which was built in 1936, as a cinema.

A previous application by Cathedral Group to build a children's play centre in the auditorium, five new ground-floor shop units and 24 flats was given final approval by the council last July.

But legal negotiations over a strip of land behind the cinema forced Cathedral Group to abandon its plans and submit a fresh application.

Tory councillor Spencer Drury previously wanted to keep the building as a cinema but supports the new development.

He said: “It is a shame to see the auditorium go, but I think this gives the rest of the building a chance to remain a landmark at the entrance to Eltham.

“It is regrettable that it has taken eight years to get this far and I hope the process is now allowed to move forward without central government interference.”

Deputy leader of Greenwich Council and member of the planning board Councillor Peter Brooks believes the development will secure the future of the historic building.

He said: “The plans will see this site transformed to provide much needed new housing, in addition to new space for retail, business and community use.

“Members of the planning board felt unanimously that this application will greatly assist in the regeneration of the area.”


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    As long as they produce it well, and dont get mis-directed
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    It was called Well Hall Odeon when I was young....
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    [cite]Posted By: LenGlover[/cite]It was called Well Hall Odeon when I was young....

    Snap - I was just going to post that.
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    Last time I went to Well Hall Odeon was when my Mum lived in Eltham/Mottingham ....... I took my nipper to see 'Jurassic Park' for his first ever trip to the pictures.

    He was mad on dinosaurs at the time and was desperate to go, even though he was only 6.

    People looked at me disapprovingly then and said he was too young - and he did put his hands over his eyes at the scary bits, but he talked excitedly about it for months afterwards .... and sometimes still does, at 21 ...!
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    I noticed its being done up to be a Picturehouse cinema complex, can't find any publicity about on t'internet tho
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    60 seater?? sounds shit
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    drove passed a few days OK and noticed it was being refurbed.

    Excellent news.
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    Sainsburys have bought it and the land around it including the old garage and are going to redevelop it into shops and a special selection cinema showing older movies hence the old style theme currently posted on the wall around it
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    not so excellent news.

    Art house yes, Capital Gold style cinema no.
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    Spot on Henry. Guess a true art house cinema would have to compete with Greenwich though.
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    its the same chain as Greenwich (Picturehouse)

    parking would be a major issue then, shame
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    edited July 2010
    The land is actually being developed by a Housing Association - Moat - if memory serves me right. A number of rental properties are being built.

    The cinema thing is actually going to be used by the University of Greenwich during the week. Apparently there will be editing facilities etc. It has been proposed that it will open at weekends as a 70 seater cinema. As far as I am aware the licence for that is yet to be granted.

    The retail units are also being redevoloped, I think they are being knocked through and there will actually only be 2 shops there.
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    I saw E.T there in the early 80s
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    edited July 2010
    I will have to drive past there and have a look.......

    I hope the council have kept the integrity of the building and restored it in some way to a cinema or part cinema.

    I walked around Woolwich last week, what a sad state of affairs! closed up shops and cheap chavvey pound shops!.... The covered market was frankly a discrace, half a dozen 'businesses' , and a load of bank transfer to Nigeria signs...
    The old post office, closed, roadworks, or 'redeveleopment'. Probably the oldest business's were the undertakers and curry asia!...... Woolwich was never an architectural gem, but at least it had a vibrant community!. Comminities cannot be suspended in the past, but concrete wastelands are not the answer too! . I thought Bexley council was a disaster!.... Greenwich seem to have an ability to have got virtually every planning decision wrong post war!
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    Glad to see the place coming back to life,have a lot of memories from there
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