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Take a look at the table

edited November 2006 in General Charlton
Anyone NOT think that we're f**ked???


  • Agreed.

    One of the legs is wonky and has a tissue underneath it, while someone has scratched in 'oi oi saveloy' with a coin in one of the corners.....

  • Anyone else got anything to say on this now?
  • If we stay up I'll buy you a mint cornetto
  • The shops in this part of the world don't sell saveloys, and it's starting to get on my f*****g nerves.

    One more home cooked saveloy and chips dinner before I die. That's all I want.
  • I'd rather not take a look at the table, ta.
  • It hurts me to look at the table at the moment. But the fat lady isn't singing just yet.
  • I haven't!- cos i'm burying my head in the sand.
  • just looked for the first time.

    I feel if we want to stay up we need to overturn Wigan, currently on 18 points.
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