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Welling vs Wimbledon

It's on this Saturday .... may pop along


  • Was on the line last night there actually, they beat Sittingbourne in the KSC 3-2 after extra time.
  • Thanks for the heads up, am definately going along to that.
  • Anyone go on here?
  • JohnboyUK did, i fell asleep sadly.
  • Yep.

    Was 2-2 and in reality a really good game of football.

    Wimbledon were typical Wimbledon, direct and agressive.

    Welling have some good footballers and at times tried to play some football.

    The boy Sherringham scored both Welling goals ...
  • Was going to go, couldn't be bothered in the end. Good to hear it was a good game, though.
  • Same as Sands.

    Great crowd that for Welling.
  • Yeah, popped along and it was a really good game.

    MOM was Welling's winger, no idea what his name was but he looked like a fat tubby version of Aaron Lennon. He absolutely murdered both AFC Wimbledon's full-backs. Welling's keeper had a nightmare 1st half, caught out of position for the Womble's first then looked ill at ease with anything coming into the box.

    Welling deserved the point though and were lucky to not get a pen when the Womble's number 4 gave one of the Welling player's a right-handed as we were waiting for the corner kick to come in, right in front of the ref and the ref decided to give him a lecture rather than the red it warranted.

    You can just imagine the abuse coming from the Danson Park end after that lol...
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