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Man City and Foolham win

edited November 2006 in General Charlton
We'll be down with the Christmas deco's at this rate.


  • not much going for us at the mo.

    thinks easily change full circle so quickly though. don't lose heart yet, its still november, the season still has over 5 months to run.
  • It's down to us, not the other teams.

    We have the players to get out of this mess, it's just down to the desire now. The best thing about this fight ('cos that what it is now) is the fans seem to be completely behind the team - it's like '98/'99 all over again and I must admit, I'm loving being the underdog.

    I can't wait for Saturday.
  • It's Not Over Yet,We Must Try And Get Something From The Sheff U Game, Great Support For The Away Games So far If We Loose On Saturday That Will Dwindle.Still AT Least We Realise It's Game On.If We Can Beat Blackburn As Well As Wycombe Things Will Start To Look Up. Come On The Underdogs!
  • Oh we are fooked ... fooked I tell thee
  • Chin up! Pompey and Bolton could be regulated for financial irregularities.
    Mind you we still would have to finish in the top 19 :-(
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