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International Man of Mystery

edited November 2006 in General Charlton
Omar Pouso. Does he really exist ? I'm sure I saw him play about 60 minutes v Pompey and havn't seen him since. He's listed as having played for the reserves but is it really him ? Surely he must be ready for the first team squad by now. At the moment he has been a complete waste of time and looks like costing us a fair few quid for not to show for it. Will he come good ? Will he rescue our season ?


  • He's on a year's trial so no transfer fee, I'm not sure what his wages are, but I take your point, either play him or send him home. He's wasting his time and our money in the reserves, we might as well use that spot to give a youth team player a run out.
  • I think we have paid several hundred grand for the trial haven't we?

    Sort of thing we have done in the past (eg. Kish, Pringle, Bartlett)
  • £337,000 is a lot for a loan fee especailly when he's only playing for the ressies. Can't see us stumping up the other £1.2m to make it permanent !!
  • is that how much we've paid out ?

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