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scotlands worshipping of maradona

getting a little bored of it now.

perhaps we should erect a statue, just this side of hadrians wall, of bertie vogts.
for services to english comedy.


  • or just build hadrians wall up a bit ;)
  • dont worry the argies will smash 10 past them 2nite that will shut them up
  • We could sing a song about all the battles the English have won against the jocks but would take far to long.

    Duke of Cumberland great guy (does nice sausages as well)
  • rearrange these words pls socttish people: shoulder to remove time on chip..
  • Basically its only the English hating scottish supporters that are doing it, Hibs, St Mirren, Aberdeen, Partick etc etc, they have an inferiority complex, most Rangers or scumtic fans dont go to Scotland games anyway.

    A lot ot Rangers fans are more interested in England and scumtic fans ROI.
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Roland Out!