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Roy Kean - Walking??

edited November 2008 in General Charlton
Prob aload of rubbish but just been told he's walked out of sunderland??


  • Deja vu!

    I remember a similar thing a few weeks ago
  • SSN saying he's not signing a new contract to replace the one that ends at the end of this one...

    He has a reputation for being very financially astute- maybe he's got something better lined up from next season or maybe he realises a contract may be better if he hangs on...

    Not sure that is walking though........
  • I thought you was going to say 'His dog again'
  • I can't see him walkin - stuborn bastard, just found it amusing, twice in a few weeks this story has come up
  • Also hes grown a beard.... clear sign hes up for a change ; )
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