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An improved performance, but we must remember

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It was against a Saints side who have conceded a lot of goals this year and are 5th from bottom.

We must remember that we should play and perform better against Southampton than all the other sides in the division, barring 3 others ....

The kind of game we must win to ensure the confidence comes back .... IMHO


  • We aint going to go from shit to super in 2 games

    You should also remember that this is the Saints team that got a result at reading and would have beaten us under Pardew no doubt
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    Deja vu?

    The last caretaker manager promoted from within!!
  • Couldn't make the game today, can anyone give me the low down on how Burton and McEveley played?
  • Supa just looking on the match thread you wernt even there you needed to see the improvement for yourself before you can make comments like above IMO
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    SE7 very well IMO mcevely can defend and burton was a threat for 60 mins but run out of steam unlucky not to score only a blinding save kept him out
  • cool cheers m8
  • Just because I wasn't at the game - first time this season - does not mean I can't make a comment that we need to beat a team like Southampton if we want to avoid relegation?
  • [cite]Posted By: SE7[/cite]Couldn't make the game today, can anyone give me the low down on how Burton and McEveley played?

    Thought both did well. i think Burton should have been replaced towards the end as he was clearly knackered after doing a lot of work and in my opinion he did the best job i've seen in quite a while of holding the ball up. McEveley looked a better player than reports had suggested and i was suprised at how keen he was to get forward. i also heard in relation to the left back spot that Youga was out for 3-4 weeks. Think we may have signed players who have a point to prove and are up for the battle, which is most definately what we're in.
  • but you said we should play better and perform better than sthampton which in we did for very long periods of the game
  • [cite]Posted By: SE7[/cite]Couldn't make the game today, can anyone give me the low down on how Burton and McEveley played?

    McEveley reminded me of a young Danny Mills. Bombs down his wing and likes a tackle. He nearly put one of theirs in the East Stand first half. Very impressive debut to the extent that I'm wondering why Derby let him go! There has to be a catch!

    NLA sums up Burton well. Ran out of gas but probably hasn't had a lot of football.
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    1. Clean sheet was vital. First in 13 games, I think!

    2. McE and Fortune vast improvement over Youga and Primus. Suspect we will not see the latter-named pair again. Primus won't get back because we have to leave two loanees out every game and with JF fit he's always going to be one of them. Youga because he's a nightmare.

    3. I began to understand why Cranie is in the England u21 team. Thought he played v well defensively, even if he offers little going forward. Also the best cover at CB we've got.

    4. Hudson a bit more commanding and Weaver definitely more confident due to having improved defensive quality around them. In fact, second half Weaver kept us in it.

    5. Neither Norwich or Watford won, so we are nowhere near as adrift as it looked at h/t, when both were in front and we were facing six points off safety.

    6. Someone described Burton's play as ''shrewd''. I thought his signing was a joke, but v happy to admit that his performance today suggests I was wrong. ''Shrewd'' is a good word for the shift he put in , although I doubt shrewd = prolific goals.

    7. Buzz and Gillespie both v good, particularly in first half.


    1. We really had to get three points at home to a team like Soton if we are going to stay up.

    2. We're now only 2 points off rock bottom when we started the day three points off.

    3. No win in last ten games and just one in last 14 - so the bad run continues and whatever Parky says we still cannot claim any corner has been turned, despite clean sheet and better organisation

    4. Two points out of 15 since the nadir that was Barnsley, which, IMHO, was the point at which both Pardew and his lieutenant should've gone.

    5. The striking drought continues : two goals in open play from our front men now in 12 games.

    6. Bailey failed to command again and looked like a Div One player struggling to graduate. Thankfully, Rocky Racoon should be fit to replace him v Blackpool. To be fair, I've just looked back at the cuttings when he was signed and Pardew did say he was tasking "a risk'' on the boy stepping up. For once, he was right.

    7. The Waghorn signing now looks even dafter than just about every Charlton Lifer said at the time. Barring injuries or suspensions. he's unlikely to make even the bench again during his month with us. All five loanees today did well so which of them are you going to leave out to make way for him? Thanks, Pardew - a final act of headless chicken folly.


    A welcome point, but in terms of the managerial situation perhaps the worst of all worlds. Three points might have been enough to get Parky confirmed. A defeat might have meant someone else came in next week.

    Instead, we are exactly where we were post-Birmingham when Pardew was given his last chance following the Barnsley debacle - i.e. people clutching at straws, saying we are playing much better, although a look at the results board shows five points dropped out of six.

    The dilemma is that's not enough to confirm Parky in the job. On the other hand, whatever happens at Blackpool (and given the away record you have to fear the worst), that game is the first of three in 12 days so I guess the caretaker limbo will have to continue at least until the televised game v Derby.

    As I've said before, I can't see that this uncertainty does us any favours ...
  • Great post Nigel. Sums up my dilemma exactly - I want Parky to succeed but we can't afford to hang around & watch him fail. We learned that lesson with Les Reed a few seasons back. He is/was part of the Pardew disaster - you would hope a new manager would have a bit of a bounce effect - Pards did that with 4 points from his first two games. Parky hasn't, my question is really how long do we give him? A win at Blackpool next week would be great, but another defeat??? What then? How long?
  • The comparison between Reed and Parkinson are a bit odd, different situation, different leagues, and a massively different reaction from the players.
  • but the results are the same---- go to lower leage
  • nigel w - very good post. Sums things up perfectly.
  • Good call NW, as described elsewhere broke down on way to game (car not me, yet) so will take your description of performances as read, but your assessment of situation is spot on! Are there 3 worse teams, can we take 36 points from 26 games? Can we even close the gap to make a fight of it? I think only the third is possible. Blackpool has very unhappy memories for me and perhaps a few other old 'uns as we went there in the last game of '71/72 needing a win to stay up: we lost 5-0! It was a very long journey home.
  • [cite]Posted By: Rothko[/cite]The comparison between Reed and Parkinson are a bit odd, different situation, different leagues, and a massively different reaction from the players.

    Nothing odd about them at all. Almost identical situation. Poor start to the season, manager sacked before Xmas, assistant takes over, away loss, home draw etc etc etc etc
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    I was comparing today's performance with the game at QPR only.

    I thought we played OK against QPR, we worked our way into the game during the first half and our equaliser was well deserved. But in the second half we seemed to lose our shape a bit, Parky brought Varney on for Waghorn which , for me, was the point when it started go wrong. We let Rangers into the game after that, particularly when Gillespie was dropped back into a deeper position having previously been our most influential player.

    Today, we played a very solid game. I was actually releaved to see us NOT trying to play with too much flair, we got hold of the ball and knocked it around. The movement was good off the ball and we, glory of all glories, won second balls outside or penalty area! We should have been at least 2-0 at half time up if it were it not for an exceptional goalkeeping from Southampton.

    We just seemed to lose our legs in the second half and that puzzled me. Many of our players looked tired. I was amazed that Gillespie was taken off for the ineffectual Lloyd Sam. Todorov was as big a waste of space as he was when he came on at Selhurst Park.

    Beforew we all start shitting ourselves have a quick look inside your season ticket and see how many more game we have to play this season.

    Today we looked more like a Championship side.
  • yung fella

    you are talking complete cack and you havent even seen the game nor the performance i am sure you are trying to get a reaction
  • Nige that's quality!
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