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I am moving to auckland in the middle of april and keep finding contrasting information regarding wages/taxes/standard rent?Can anyone please help me? Any information will be greatly received, theres a beer in it for you when im there! If there is too much info for a post on here please email me at [email protected]

many thanks!


  • surely you would have found all this out BEFORE moving there
  • Depends on what you're responsibilities are. I've lived in a few different places around the world and always found that despite all the research you can do, your best bet is to just rock up, book a hostel / hotel / b&b for a week or so and guage the lie of the land. I lived in Auckland for 3 months, in Grafton. Found that to be a nice area, but Ponsonby is also good. Just get there and see how it goes.

    If you're uprooting family you might want to take a different approach, But if just travelling alone or with pals I wouldn't sweat it too much.
  • Parnell is the "hip" place to live. I know a bloody good Indian restaurant there!

    How long are you going for? May be worth giving one of the migration agencies a call?
  • Parnell is it? been a long time but i stayed a few months in Remuera back in 1990 and i was told that was very posh then.

    All i can think to say is mark that im sure its going to cost half as much living out there as it does here, london being one of the most expensive cities in the world now.
  • Getting about $2.80 to the £1 in NZ at the moment. But average salary is about $65k, so much less than UK.
  • ledge - were not there yet...hence we are after advice! The situation is that myself and my girlfriend have been travelling centrtal america and will be until april, when we fly to new zealand armed with work visas. We need to work for a year solid to save money to see new zealand and get money for a flight home etc, and so was just after tips ergarding prices for food, beer, rent bla bla bla. Cheers chaps its all been noted, as im sure you are aware there is much contrasting information on the internet. ta!
  • Read the title of this thread and thought you were going to ask when the next 'shipment' of kiwi fruit was going to make it's way to UK shores as you needed a fix.

    Glad to see it is nothing to do with exotic fruit abuse.

    carry on.
  • My son emigrated to New Zealand in January.Travelled around north island before settling in Christchurch in the south island. Unfortunately, he found the cost of living there very expensive, as the prices over there for many things are the same as here.The problem is, his wages were about half what he earned here, so he was paying a lot of his bills out of his savings. Eventually he decided it wasn't going to work, and came back to the UK. It's a beautiful country, as i found when i travelled around there in 2006, but like here,they are going through a hard time at the moment. Some of his kiwi friends are on short time or out of work now. If you want any information, whisper me and I'll give you my sons phone number. I'm sure he'll be glad to answer any questions you have.
  • Mark if you want any NZ advice leave a message on we have quite a few Addicks around Auckland and Im sure they would be happy to help out.
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