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Lapland UK

Just returned from Lapland UK in Lamberhurst Kent. A truely wonderful day , when the missus first booked it and told me how much it was i thought she had finally lost the plot. After such a great day i did conced to her that it was money well spent. I would urge any parent to give your kids a life time experience at this magical place.


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    My ex took my boy - and they said is was excellent.
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    might give it a go next year.

    little'un only 17 months he'd be a nightmare. Old'uns 12 so he'd tell me where to go
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    Never heard of it but will consider it for next yewar when my little munchkin will be 17 / 18 months old
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    Just been on the website.

    Prices start at £50 going up to £62.50 plus booking fee.

    I wanted to go on 18th December so me, the missus and two kids £250 + booking fee for a day out!!! And food isnt included this year.

    No thanks, it cant be that much more to fly to Lapland
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    I suppose they have to maximise their profit to be viable, when the demand is actually there.

    Not much call for LaplandUK and Father Christmas in August, is there ?

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    Wasnt this all over the papers last year, for it being a rip off, and the owners fleecing everyones money ?
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    no that was the one is dorset i think. nothing to do with this one.
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    Lapland not paid out refunds from closing last year

    It went into administration last year, and a lot of people have not had money back for tickets they had purchased
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    edited August 2010
    Yeah my sister had this , ended up getting the money back off the credit card company rather than the lapland people . She said they were n't very elfpul
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    i don't know how they can stoop so low....
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