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team for saturday

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Bearing in mind the senior players with the shirt quite clearly are not doing it surely it is time for some of the youngsters to be given their head and throw them in for saturday.

Who gives a monkey if we lose we got far more important things to worry about so why not give fringe players a game. plus our loan players probably not allowed to play

so maybe time for shelvey, basey, todorov, dickson (not sure we will want to cup tie him but sod it I say), ambrose, mcleod, solly,uchechi, sinclair, maybe even give a taste of the 1st team to Long and Godfrey.

What have we got to lose


  • What have we got to lose


    A potentially lucrative fourth round tie is at stake whereby we could make a bit of cash and the psychological boost of a win shouldn't be discounted.

    As it happens I'd play a team based around one or two youth players - plus Ambrose to give them some experience.
  • What BFR said.
  • Yeah maybe - but it's not guaranteed we could end up with Forest Green away and on a hiding to nothing.

    Write this years FA Cup off and blood some players but take your point though.
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    My team would be risky but oh well.

    Moutouakil----Fortune----Cranie or Hudson----McEverley or Basey

    Hudson, or Youga
    Bailey, or Holland
    Bouazza, or Mcleod
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    McEverley, Waghorn and Boazza can't play, Bailey suspended.

    Moo2 Fortune Youga Solly
    Wright Shelvey
    Izzy Dicko

    Subs Weaver Gray Basey Ambrose Burton
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    Cranie is cup-tied and on edit so is McE.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Addickson's God[/cite]McEverley, Waghorn and Boazza can't play, Bailey suspended.

    Bailey is suspended for the Forest game but can play Saturday
  • I want to see Yassin or Solly at right back, Shelvey and Wright in there, Basey left back or left midfield and Dickson up front, and keep Elliot in goal.

    Uchechi doesn't have a work permit so can't play for us, the club still haven't said much about him and we're half way through the season.

    We'll probably do something boring like starting Weaver, Holland, Gray and Burton though, when we have a good chance to give some other players a go.
  • Randolph in goal ?
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