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Parky to stay - official

edited December 2008 in General Charlton
Now on the OS


  • Kate Winslett, Leonardo Di Caprio....

    Glug, glug :-)
  • Oh blimey, pass me the scotch....
  • We're not even rearranging the deckchairs...
  • The PUB is OPEN , right ?
  • didnt even get on at 7-1. that would have softened the blow.
  • what a crap decision.
  • edited December 2008
    Chunes New Years Resolution: Learn to like Rugby
  • serious question,

    do people genuinely never look at the stickied threads ?

    if so, we may need to think of a way of highlighting them
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  • [quote][cite]Posted By: LenGlover[/cite]Kate Winslett, Leonardo Di Caprio....

    Glug, glug :-)[/quote]

    Oi leave Kate Winslett out of this, she is a sexy lady who doesn't need to be dragged into this pile of sh#t called Charlton. Mind you, I think she'd do a better job at keeping us up!
  • AFKA, you look at them, just not very often as sometimes they don't change for days. Highlighting the newer ones would be an idea.
  • Sorry, must confess that its not where I look. Will try harder.
  • i'm not knocking stilladdicted. Just that it happens an awful lot that threads get started when there is the same one already stickied. Perhaps we may have to make the stickied ones more prominent in future.

    Look forward to bells and whistles people !!!
  • Surely no one is suprised by this are they?

    There is no knight in shining armour.There never was.
    We havn't got a pot to piss in so where's the sense in throwing the little we have at another cheap underperforming manager.
    Reality check.The good times are gone.Wont be back for a long time.Time to lower our expectations people.

    Or fcuk off and support someone else i suppose ;-)
  • there is an option left
    we can still chant 'Parkinson Out' at our remaining home games this season, until our season tickets run out. I am going to the Norwich game, will be one of only 1000 Charlton Supporters there, i have a loud voice, and i can call for his removal continually throughout the game. The bloke must go.
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