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Don't upset the the players!

The decision to appoint Parkinson is ridiculous on every level, there is no sense to it either for financial or football reasons. I had approached New Year with cautious optimism, we are crap, we have players whose confidence is so fragile they could attend self-esteem classes. However, I had faith in the board to change things, get a new man in etc.

This faith has been sorely misplaced. I can accept we are governed by finance but why are we paying wages for loan players that add nothing to the team. If the board has accepted relegation, fine, bring in a coach who is prepared to rip the players up , get the kids in and start playing football in preparation for what will surely be a diffciult season in league one. Why do we have players who can't earn there money, the rest of us would be sacked for the level of incompetence the majority display week in week out. I've worked with children with learning disabilites who demonstrate more back bone than the shoddy, pathetic bunch we see before us every Saturday (or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday delete as approriate).

And yet according to many people who post here I'm not allowed to be critical of the board, players or manager. Poor Darren Ambrose he didn't like being picked on by the crowd, so he started to play badly etc, get behind the team and so on.

We are way past the get behind the team stage, they need to be told loud and clear how pathetic they are and assuming we get more of the same against Norwich I for one will respond as I feel approiate to the level of dross I see before me.

I expect to get vilified on here for suggesting we tell our poor sensitive players what we think but if anyone has a problem with it I'm more than happy to discuss it with them in the Oak before the game Saturday.


  • The players are paid such a pittance too poor loves, especially compared with the wages we all get. Lets arrive at games with cuddly toys and hot water bottles for them, lets sooth them with jo jo ba oil, lets tell them they're only four points adrift at the bottom because of nasty referees, and because their mummys didn't stir their tea properly, lets tell them that their fancy mates like Gerrard, or Bowyer, or Barton, are, like them, dreadfully misunderstood. In fact why expect the players to have to play in front of us at all? Surely they should be allowed to play electronically, wired and headphoned up in their Lincoln Navigators or Bentlys, and not be contaminated by the proximity of us fans.
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