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Strategic plan for division 1

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The fact is the club is skint and devoid of players and football know how. The Board to their credit have recognised that and are preparing for the worst.

A plan now needs to be put in place to start the long, long climb back.

At Blackpool I was amazed by the lack of passion by the players and the few fans there. I could in a way understand the players. They are playing for the club that has no leadership, no motivating manager and play away in front of the worst away support in the football league. The most vociferous there were a few old ladies sat by the half way line.

To me building a passion again that can be transmitted to the players especially away is essential. The club should therefore as part of their planning scrap the misplaced laughable ambition of the Target 40000 with a Target 2000 .... minimum 2000 at every away game. Spend money on free transport for the younger support to get to away games and make the league and the players aware that Charlton will be back.


  • interesting idea.... over to oohhaahh!
  • We need to play our best team for the next 5 games and if we are still in the same situation (or worse) then start playing the players that will be here next season.

    Going through our team as follows:

    Weaver will be gone so play Elliott & Randolph (then poss bring in an experienced guy in the summer)

    In defence Solly/Mootoo & Youga/Basey would be fine if they stay (can't see Mceveley joining us in League 1) so we need 3 centre backs (fortune & hudson will be sold), all of whom should be experienced players who can 'talk the kids through games'

    The likes of Shelvey, Wright, Arter, Sam, Bailey & Racon will IMO be strong in League 1. Holland will retire & ZZ is as good as gone already, Ambrose won't stay.

    We MUST keep hold of Dickson who has shown he can do it at that level. I would also keep Mcleod, Todorov will be too expensive a luxury & Grey will be sold, Varney has already gone. I know nothing about Fleetwood so can't comment. We will need a couple of new players here (PLEASE NOT BURTON who will be [email protected] at every level of football).

    So, sad as it is to even be thinking of this 20 games from the end of the season, if we do go down, we have a manager who knows the league and has had success there in the past and (if we can keep hold of the right ones) players who would be good enough to be around the play offs already in our squad and won't be on large wages, we will just need to add a few experienced freebies wisely to get a top 2 team.
  • Wayne Brown at Hull, recently on loan to Preston would be a good signing........
  • [cite]Posted By: Oakster[/cite]Wayne Brown at Hull, recently on loan to Preston would be a good signing........

    Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders might be of more help ......

  • Christ Oggy! What decade were they from - the 30's?
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