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Amidst all the doom and gloom, I am transported back to happier days. "Surging" in the Covered End! Jumping up to celebrate a goal and being hit from behind by the surging crowd and carried fifty feet down the terracing without touching the ground. Losing your shoes was always a risk unless you had your DM's on. Happy days - we were very average and we loved it.


  • brilliant
  • Now we aren't even average :o(
  • ha ha loved surging
    Plough Lane got kick out for that OB was well rough with me i was only a we teen
  • Due to age, most of the decent surges i remember would have been over Welling for the big cup games of the late 80s when the hoardings would always collapse.

    Best one i can remember at Charlton was the last game at Selhurst on the open Holmesdale against West Ham. Minto scored, i stacked it, about 30 people went over the top of me. Happy days.
  • "ha ha loved surging
    Plough Lane got kick out for that OB was well rough with me i was only a we teen"

    Was that the 3-1 game in the 80's. I got carried for what felt like the entire terrace when we scored one of our goals.
  • i was young and slighty drunk unsure of final score.

    All my mates were doing it thought i would did not know some big f**k off plod was behind me

    with that arm was up behind my back and jogged me down teh terrace and across the corner of the pitch into a portacabin were he slammed me against the wall and swore and left some female plod was there took my details and told me to go and dont think of hanging about as if he sees me again i could end up worse off.

    So walked up to the station and hung around there until full time
  • sure some more have some tails to tell
  • I drove past what was Plough Lane last week - it's now a development of "apartments" which they are just opening, looks like a huge hall of residence.
  • The best 'surges' that I experienced and can remember were

    Preston (h) 1970's - Promotion match
    Palace (h) 1970's - Friday Night
    Gillingham (h) 1970's - Friday Night
    Fulham (a) 1970's - Cup
    Wolves (a) 1970's- Cup
    Brighton (h) 1980's
    Palace (h) 1980's - league (When they were put in the Covered End by the Police)
    Stoke (h) - 1980's - Cup
    Ipswich (a) 1980's- Cup

    There must be loads of others but I can't think of them
  • Bit younger than you lot but Oxford away at the Manor Ground 97/98 when we scored twice in last 10 minutes was pretty good. Should be some decent old school grounds to visit next season although not sure if you can create a surge with only 50 people on the terrace at Carlisle on a cold Tuesday night.
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  • The one i remember best was the surge after Gary nelsons goal away at Leeds in the FA cup we were packed into the corner of elland road and when we scored the whole corner went mad, i lost me brother (NLA) for about 10min after and i didnt even notice that they had equilized about 2 min later as we were still moving.
  • I lost a trainer in a 'surge' at brentford in the cup, around the time of the keegan baseball bat thing.
    Never got it back and they were 'diadora borgs' aswell, gutted, put some plastic bags round me foot till i got home.
    That was good support that day!!

    Cant remember the score though??
  • Brilliant thread.

    Tottenham away in the cup when we equalised. I must have ended up 50 odd feet from where I started.
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    Palace night game FA cup replay 1970's...Holmesdale Road was a huge grass embankment...Ray Treacy scored the finest goal I've ever seen in all my years as an Addick a forty yarder at The Sainsburys End that was still rising as it tore into the net...if the net hadn't have held it would have ended up somewhere in Streatham High Street.The surge was as good as the goal...well almost....ended up some 30 feet down the terrace from where I was previously standing...we won by the way.
    A truly great night and a magic moment of utter joy and madness.
  • The trick re surging was to stand just in front of a crash barrier.Then everyone else got trampled and ended up all overthe show while you just relazed and watch.
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