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Some advice from Jimmy Seed

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Sitting here on New Year's Eve with nothing better to do, I have pulled down from the bookcase my copy of Jimmy Seed's 1947 book ''Soccer From The Inside''.

I turn to chapter five, entitled ''You Must Have The Right Outlook'' and old Jimmy has some sage words of advice:

''There is a right and wrong outlook. It is all a question of mentality. This state of mind plays a most important role in the make-up of the footballer.

Mentality depends to a great extent on the placing of the ups and downs of a football career in their correct perspective.

Disturbing experiences are the lot of most footballers at some time or other. Disappointments may come to you, but if they do, try not to let them upset you. I know it is easy for me to pass on this advice, but it is not so easy for the victim of adversity to be convinced.

However, if a footballer allows the disappointments and the minor personal disasters to affect his outlook, his play will suffer, too, and once that happens he is really up against it.

It takes a big heart to smile when things are not going to right, but the footballer who can do so will be a better man for it.''

I've copied it out mostly because I'm bored but it also seemed kind of appropriate under the circumstances. If someone can forward it to Mr Parky, so much the better. I'm now going to read chapter eleven called 'Team Spirit The Root of All Success''. If I find any gems there, I'll pass those on too. Happy new year !


  • Hmm, the book's only two quid on amazon at the mo
  • You could say the same thing about supporters too - in fact those wise words can apply to anyone in any situation.

    Happy New Year all.
  • ''Hmm, the book's only two quid on amazon at the mo''

    Is that for a second-hand original 1947 copy, Ali? I can't imagine it's been reprinted since. Damn - I thought I had a rare and valuable collectors item !
  • well it says 1947, but as it's marketplace, who knows? If yours still has the dustjacket in decent nick then it'll be worth a lot more I suspect.
  • Yup, got the dust jacket- which has a pic of Sam Bartram conceding one of the four goals Derby County scored at Wembley in the 1946 FA cup final!
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